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What styles are taking 2020 by storm? Rainbow colours, neo-60s styles, edgy cuts, punk avantgarde and Hollywood glamour. Trendsetting hair fashion from all continents – from as far afield as Brazil, Chile, Austria, Denmark and Japan. Artistic teams from the ICD sections and passionate Intercoiffure members have captured their beauty visions on camera – check them out in this issue of Intercoiffure Magazine. On more than 100 pages, we are whisking you off on a global hair fashion journey with inspirational trend forecasts that can be understood as a universal language decoding the future of fashion. Intercoiffure members from over 50 countries in over 12,000 salons all over the globe embody our shared values and support, encourage and inspire each other. Plus: we are reporting on the second edition of our upcoming Trendblast competition in Paris and also giving you a preview of the world’s top get-together for the industry – Intercoiffure Mondial’s 23rd World Congress 2021 in Berlin.




Klaus-Peter Ochs

Our Intercoiffure Mondial community represents this positive forcefield of creativity, optimism, expertise and emotionality. We set trends and showcase the ultimate new looks. Always fashion-forward. With an innovative spirit. Intercoiffure Mondial is also behind the Trendblast competition: video fashion messages in 60 seconds and digital highlights for stylists and fashionistas. The competition will be entering its second round on 10th May, when the Trendblast finalists will be appearing live on stage in Paris and the world’s best video will be awarded by international hairstylists. Another fantastic event is Mondial Spotlight: the last edition in Paris was all about friendship and a shared passion for honouring the past and strengthening the future of our industry. Stay tuned for the next instalment this spring. And we’re also sneaking a peak at the most renowned and visionary industry get-together, where the world’s hairdressing elite will be flocking in their droves from 30th May until 1st June 2021. For this 23rd World Congress of Intercoiffure Mondial we are inviting you to the most creative metropolis: Berlin. This time the motto is: “The bear is back!” For Intercoiffure Mondial, the future is always NOW!

Klaus Peter Ochs, President Mondial


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ICD Spain - Duality

Once upon a time… Light and dark, stillness and movement – a variety of lengths, textures and finishes are apparently not two separate entities, but one work of art.

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Denmark - Rainbow Colors

A kaleidoscope of shades from pistachio green to baby blue and orange sorbet: vibrant, powerful and definitely bold!

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ICD France - Affranchi(e)s

Stylish, iconic, independent. Edgy cuts and bold finishes reflect the trend evolution. Neo-60s à la française. It’s all about growing up”, finding your look and breaking taboos

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ICD Brazil - Tokyo

Punkavantgarde meets art rebellion. Oversized, boxy silhouettes. Authentic. Imaginative. Inspiring.

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ICD Austria - Timeless

The ultimate beauty and legendary star appeal: artistic hair fashion as a tribute to iconic photographer Peter Lindbergh.

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Austria - Spotlight

Celebrate individuality: the art of styling for intoxicating nights and glamorous parties.

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In conversation

with Sylvie Moreau, President Coty Professional Beauty

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World Congress

World Congress Berlin 2021

"The bear is back"
Save the date: May 31st - June 1st

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Aderans Editorial

Aderans Editorial

The Aderans Group celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Aderans Co.Ltd. in 2018.

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ICD Germany

ICD Germany - Homage to Berlin

A declaration of love to hairdressing a commitment to fashion

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Japan - Geisha style

Edgy editorial glamour. Messy textures. Extravagant accessories.

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Interview with Nathalie Roos

Education, the key to success

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Denmark - Analogue

Pure minimalism. Looks that strike the balance between edgy finishes, bold textures and vibrant colours - and perfectly illustrate the blending of trend styles with new cutting techniques.

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ICD Sweden - Recycel

A hark back to the 60s and 70s. An innocent fairy tale of beauty with asymmetrical lengths, crispy textures and half up-dos.

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Intercoiffure Interbeauté Brazil - Joy

Colour clashes are combined with an easy-going urban style and fluid curls.

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ICD Romania - Rainbow

Spice up your style with rainbow hair colours. Monochrome looks are also upping the fashion ante.

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Unveiling flapper

Romania - Unveiling flapper

Drama queens. Vivid, saturated colours and voluminous textures are guaranteed to turn heads.

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Brazilian illuminage

Wella - Brazilian illuminage

Achieve the ultimate blonde expression in illuminated contrasts introducing Brazilian Illuminage from Wella Professionals

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Fondation Guillaume Australia - Plaited

Braids are beautiful. Artwork statements with versatility in the texture and finish.

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Pink lemonade

Romania - Pink lemonade

Happy hair! There’s no end to the creative possibilities here. Across multiple colour spectrums, Pink Lemonade is sweet, exciting and evokes memories of summertime.

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Sol de Paris

ICD Chile - Sol de Paris

Be extravagant, be young, be flirty. Bold colours, edgy styling and cool cuts enable everyone to express their uniqueness.

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Hair salon experience

Interview with Sylvie Moreau

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Cut + Color

ICD Hong Kong / Macao - Cut + Color

An 80s glam revival glimmers through the urban jungle: always fun and charmingly boyish with irresistible femininity.

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Denmark - Flare

Waves of light. A burst of bright flames. Dazzling, cold blonde, precious gold. Clean cuts with ultramodern colour effects.

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Austria - Vintage-Inspired-Romance

Glam romanticism. Experiments with structure. Traditional braids meet wavy hair and chignons.

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Fashion glam

Belgium - Fashion glam

Strawberry blondes forever. Geometric shapes. Bob-styles reloaded. Individual hairstyles created with passion.

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Living colors

Intercoiffure Interbeauté Brazil - Living colors

Sunshine make-up. Like a beautiful butterfly in pastel, coral red and yellow. Express yourself-confidence and true nature.

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Natural beauty

Intercoiffure Interbeauté Brazil - Natural beauty

Back to basics. Fashion is blowing in the breeze. Shapes, colours and styling exude an aesthetic appeal.

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Punk Styles

Romania - Punk Styles

Likes for neon brights. Pink for punk styles. A dream of fascinating contrasts.

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Romantic white

Netherland - Romantic white

The attraction of opposites: short cuts with a rebellious streak. Waves are falling in love with redheads and blondes. For the elegant, modern woman.

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Introducing weDo/ Professional

The new eco-ethical brand of advanced performance hair naturals

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ICD Events

Around the world

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Fashion Day

Intercoiffure Fashion Day 2020

Save the date: May 10th

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ICD France / PACA-Corse - Inimitable

Art performance. Hairstyles within a fine art context display a combination of different textures, styles and colours.

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Education for Life

Education for Life

"Education for Life" stands for future

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No rules

Fondation Guillaume Sweden - No rules

Colour experiments. Disconnected structures. Individuality. Always be you and refuse to compromise.

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Ground zero

Fondation Guillaume France - Ground zero

Neo-goddesses with hair masterpieces: extraordinary up-dos, short cuts in sleek blonde and simply beautiful hair that is always in fashion.

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Mood of the moment

Fondation Guillaume Denmark - Mood of the moment

From wild, crazy and over-the-top to tamed, luscious, retro and modern.

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Photo contest

Fondation Guillaume Sweden - Photo contest

Like a movie star. Pixie cut meets neo rococo hair fashions. Marie Antoinette inspiration with big hair. An innovative ponytail expresses creativity.

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FG Denmark

Fondation Guillaume Denmark

Silhouettes defined by colour. Unexpected shades. The poetry of beauty.

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Tokyo by Juniors

Fondation Guillaume Brazil - Tokyo by Juniors

Sexy strength, modern it-girls. Japan, a treasure trove of beauty inspiration with eye-catching haircuts and colours. Micro fringes, sharp contrasts and avant-gardist textures.

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Trash Queens

Denmark - Trash Queens

It's wild. It's crazy. It's too much. But it's just what's cool.

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ICD Nordic - Frequency

Cool. Extraordinary. Urban hair designs. An artistic phenomenon provides fresh inspiration for styles and colours!

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Feeling blue

Japan - Feeling blue

Inspired by deep seas and starry skies, blue hair expresses your rebellious side by making bold fashion statements!

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Denmark - Reborn

What goes around comes around! Short cuts, block colours and curly textures are experiencing a renaissance decades after the first time they were modern and cool.

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Surreal collage

Sweden - Surreal collage

Masterpieces of art: style composition, complementary colours and a graduated cut are harmoniously combined to result in an impressive work of art.

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World Academy

World Academy

ICD Mondial enlarged its offer to our members

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Men only


Ground-breaking classics expressing all shades of masculinity.

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