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Coty interview

Sylvie Moreau

SYLVIE MOREAU, President Coty Professional Beauty, is responsible within Coty for the division which is home to some of Coty’s biggest brands: Wella, the No.1 brand in professional hair color, OPI, the No.1 nail salon brand globally, and ghd, a leader in premium hair straighteners and appliances

What has changed in the market, and how has Coty Professional Beauty evolved to meet those needs?

The beauty industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and I firmly believe that within professional beauty, we are well-placed to drive the future of beauty, and to disrupt it. Consumers today desire a mix of physical and digital experiences, and want to be able to access them when and where they want, 24/7. They want to connect to brands that matter to them and we want to connect with them directly, building 1-1 relationships in and outside of a salon. We need to keep educating and equipping professionals for this future. Education is one of our biggest focus areas in Coty Professional Beauty as we know the difference it can bring to the whole salon experience. We offer 360 degrees education 24/7 online & offline, mainly focusing on growing the color craft of our hairdressers so they can provide unique and premium color services to their clients. Innovation is our lifeblood and I think that with Koleston Perfect ME+ and Color DJ which we recently launched, we have great examples of how we are continuing to lead the industry forward.

In 2018, we continued to thrive and perform ahead of the market. This is driven by the passion and hard work of our people as well as our portfolio of iconic and leading brands, Wella Professionals, Sebastian Professional, System Professional, OPI and ghd to name a few.

What are some of your big innovations this year?

Well this has been a very intense year so let me pick my top three! Firstly, the new Koleston Perfect ME+, which is the first and only professional brand to feature breakthrough technologies, Pure Balance Technology™ and ME+™. This product has proven to deliver vibrant rich color with less damage color after color, while reducing the risk of developing a new allergy to hair color. The product is amazing, it’s been a labor of love, and has shown very promising results in the markets where it launched. We also kicked off our first consumer facing digital campaign with #AskForWella, in an effort to educate and raise awareness among clients on the importance of understanding which brand of color is used on their hair and to help drive traffic to Wella salons. This program has already proven successful with significant increases in booking salon services by consumers.
Secondly, we launched our most recent innovation in terms of hair styling with ghd platinum+. It’s the first smart styler that can predict what any individual’s hair needs, features exceptional styler innovation. Its technology responds to hair in a way that people can style while controlling heat more effectively which predicts personal hair needs, giving ultimate results and visibly healthier hair.

Last but not least, we developed two new grooming lines made specifically for men : SEB MAN by Sebastian Professional and System Man, by System Professional. SEB MAN is our grooming line designed for the busy millennial and Gen Z men of today. Urban, trendy, and on-the-go, the Millennial man is part of “the slasher generation,” those juggling multiple careers and passions. SEB MAN offers a line of hassle-free haircare, styling, and grooming products. As for System Man, we have introduced a range of four haircare products and five styling products with EnergyCode plus Creatine. The nine new products of the System MAN range, when combined with the full System Professional range, offer men over 262 million possibilities of product combinations. With this launch, System Man becomes the answer for discerning men of sophisticated taste.

Social Media plays a growing role in the beauty industry, how is Coty Professional Beauty addressing that?

It’s incredibly important. Social media is a place where hairdressers, in particular the growing base of independent stylists, go to build a sense of community. It’s where hairdressers and nail technicians go to learn about new techniques and products. And, particularly on Instagram, given it’s a very visual platform, it has now become the default look book and a powerful way to attract new clients and grow the business. From a brand perspective, just by listening to what’s being said online, we have learned an incredible amount about how to better serve and support professionals.

In the last year, we have partnered with some of the most influential professionals to co-create relevant content, education materials for other professionals, and in some case products. We offer trainings and tools to enable professionals to increase their digital IQ and build their influence. For example, we have an Instagram Master Class that we make available to all Wella stylists. We also have been building online communities of passionate hair dressers who love our brands, and who we support through our products, education programs, and by giving them social media platforms to showcase their work.

What are your plans for 2019?

As mentioned earlier, our industry is experiencing a high level of change, driven by the trends shifting and changing the landscape, and changing what salon clients are asking for. Our professional beauty industry is very well-placed to drive the future of beauty, and we need to seize the chance that the evolving consumer presents us with today. Our aim is to meet the needs of a diversity of people around the world and to step change the industry, elevate it to its right place. We are doing so with our latest innovations such as Koleston Perfect ME+ or Wella Professionals’ Color DJ, the world’s first in salon device for stylists to design and produce ultra-personalized color masks digitally that clients can take home to maintain their unique salon look until the next visit. We keep offering 360 degrees education, 24/7 both online and offline. We are constantly developing solutions to help our customers to grow, and a great example is our Activate Your Salons program for professionals. We are relaunching this program in Europe and North America, which helps professionals optimize salon operations, supports them with team management tools (recruiting, education and motivation), and also provides salon marketing, such as in salon communication or digital marketing. We offer innovative online education, interactive courses on trends, how to videos and Masterclasses facilitated by trainers and top artists. We look forward to continuously supporting and elevating beauty professionals, through our unique portfolio of brands and services and through world-class education.

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