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Davines: A story of Beauty and Sustainability

The sustainable hair care brand committed to making a positive impact on people and the environment.

Ethical and environmental sustainability have shaped Davines’ identity as a beauty brand of topquality professional hair care products with Italian roots and international breadth. Obtaining B Corp certification in 2016 pushed our commitment even further. The company is now part of a global network more than 2000 large for-profit companies that have redefined the concept of success: by supporting a better and more responsible way of doing business, and acting as a regenerating force for the communities in which it operates, for both society and the planet.

Sustainable Beauty is the core of all daily activities and projects, thanks to a systemic approach that involves the company and its worldwide community in its path between ethic and environmental sustainability. The tangible realization of all these values is the Davines new headquarter in Parma- Italy. Built on a surface of 77,000 square metres, the complex covers about 11,000 square metres and includes spaces dedicated to offices and training, the Research and Development laboratory, the production plant, the warehouse, and a large central greenhouse that works both for a restaurant and a co-working area.The remaining spaces, 80% of the total area, have been allocated to green areas including a scientific botanical garden in which some of the plant species used in the cosmetic formulations are grown.
Davines Village has been designed to communicate a message of deep care for people and environment. Transparency, lightness, nature, sustainability, community and well-being are the key words that characterize the project and find expression through the overall plan: virtuous and sustainable technical & building solutions.
Those values are also stated in the annual Sustainability Report that list the results obtained from brand efforts and sets goals for the next year.

Davines Village

Davines Village, the new house of Sustainable Beauty

One of the most significant projects carried out is the company’s global callout “I Sustain Beauty,” an invitation to the professional community to engage in activities aimed at generating, promoting and protecting beauty in the artistic, social or environmental fields.
More than 200 projects in 22 countries have been featured on isustainbeauty.com since the campaign began in 2014, an example of how it is possible to make the world a more beautiful place through acts both big and small.

Each project confirmed that it is possible to sustain beauty in its broader meaning through the willpower and dedication of those who believe in this value, and support it even outside their own profession.
Among these, there are projects carried out by beauty professionals who not only bring to the forefront their own ability, but also generate a strong word of mouth and positive influence outside their own sector.
This was the case of last years campaign winner: “Beauty Blessings” is a network project founded in Texas by the hairdresser Gina Scholl that creates a positive impact on communities all over the country.
It is a group of beauty professionals that offer nail care, haircare and wellness services to people who could not otherwise access them.
The payment they receive is the most valuable kind: smiles and happiness.

Davines is partnering with Intercoiffure Mondial’s with its training program’s “Education for Life”. / Gina Scholl, working for the Beauty Blessings project. / School in Odessa, Ukraine. / School in Selo Mira, Bosnia. / Gina Scholl, winner of I Sustain Beauty global campaign. / Davines Village, view of the internal court.

Through the I Sustain Beauty campaign Davines is also partnering with the Intercoiffure Mondial training program “Education for Life”, sharing the common objective of supporting needy people from various countries through hairdressing training programs.

The goal is provide tools, equipment and trainers to help sustain free schools for young people who wish to become hairstylists in disadvantaged areas of the world.
ince 2017, Davines is helping the School of Christel House in Cape Town (South Africa), the Vocational School of Technologies and Design in Odessa (Ukraine), and the Kinderzukunft Foundation in Timisoara (Romania) and Selo Mira (Bosnia).

Can beauty save the world? It can certainly make it a better place if we continue to support it.

www.isustainbeauty.com / www.davines.com

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